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Modern digitalized society exists within two contrasting realities which seamlessly mediate our world and determine our human experience. Cold, tangible, earthly materials shape our cities and dictate our interactions through space while establishing important parameters to our social conventions and class understanding. Simultaneously, an alluring, evasive digital reality encloses the sensory experience attached to our social interactions. Digital technology has extended the possibilities of our existence, creating a new common ground where distance is blurred and physical presence is unimportant while connectivity and unlimited entertainment thrive.


These dual realities we inhabit have dramatically transformed the boundaries of our human experience and our perception of the present. My work explores the relationship between the spatial understanding of both realities and confronts the influence this has had on our human existence. An experimental clash of substances and mediums in my pieces reflect on how an unlikely coexistence has formed between the opposing essences of material world and digital technology. I specifically focus on the use of cement, asphalt, metal, digital media and different types of light to evoke this dualistic reality, and communicate by enabling various tensions to appear and be synthesized in the work of art.


I was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1994 and grew up in a family of architects which gradually fine-tuned my visual understanding of the urban reality. I began doing art during my undergraduate degree at Los Andes University, where my work focused on the intersection between our everyday experience and its possible artistic abstraction. From 2016 to 2019 I had an active studio practice in Colombia where I created series of paintings that were later sold to private collections. 


In 2019 I moved to Berlin and cofounded FXD.PNT, an art collective which focuses on integrating diverse media to create interactive spatial installations. I have participated in group exhibitions in Bogotá and Medellin and created light installations for Berlin-based collectives (/NCOUNTERS/, Minimal Waste and Lunch Time). In 2020 I participated on the Officina Neukoelln summer residency program with a concluding solo show. My works are part of private collections in Colombia and England. I currently live and work in Berlin.

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